Posted on March 7, 2010


Omphalophobia is a specific phobia, an abnormal fear of belly buttons. It is a fairly rare phobia. People with this phobia become distressed when anyone’s navel area is subjected to touch, especially their own.

I consider myself a well adjusted somewhat normal person. I hate belly buttons! I don’t like seeing them, I like less to talk about them. I get sick to my stomach when mine is touched or someone else touches theirs. If you want me to walk away from you or stop talking to you, you simply have to lift your shirt and stick your finger into your belly button.

Being the well-adjusted, intelligent person that I believe myself to be, I went in search of reasons behind this drawback to my personality. I can find hardly any information that would justify my phobia. The belly button is a scar, left when your umbilical cord falls off after birth. So why does it bother me so much? Unlike most of my personality traits, those that when I really start to analyze them I can pin point or find the reason I acquired that trait, when I try to figure out when or why I have this particular phobia I simply draw a blank. So the simple answer is, I don’t really know and if I continue to try to figure it out it just grosses me out.

I blog about this because I can’t decide if I want to pass this phobia on to my children. I know I tell them now, “quit touching your belly button!” or “don’t touch Daddy’s belly button.” But wouldn’t it be fun to teach them that if they play with their belly button it may come untied and they would zoom around the room as all the air left their belly making that “ppplllttzzz” sound like a balloon?

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