1st Birthdays

Posted on April 6, 2010


I told my wife, “let’s keep it small, she won’t even remember it.” I got punched in the shoulder and told to “Quit it!” I of course egged her on just a little bit more, “do you remember your first birthday?” I got the ‘look’ that said, “push my buttons and see what happens…”.

I’m glad we had a party. It gave me some great photos of my youngest daughter and it created memories that will last forever, not for her but for me. I will always remember her stuffing an entire cake into her face! It was awesome!


Emma Birthday 020 Emma Birthday 021










The problem with first birthdays, is moms. They spend days preparing and stressing about cakes, food, invitations, cleaning, games, prize packages and gifts. While they are running around doing these things they become irritating and closely resemble that Looney Tunes character, the Tasmanian Devil. They do this for days and days before the event simply so that I can get pictures like this… 

Emma Birthday 033After the festivities they then sit down with an audible release of tension that may or may not be responsible for earthquakes felt in Southern California.

The good thing about all that stress, is that it makes you very aware of how great mothers are. They will jump through hoops just to create an hours worth of memories. They will do it because they want to share with all of their friends that they have a one year old daughter! They do it so that 35 years later their son will write a blog about how great mothers are for ensuring that they had a 1st Birthday Party regardless of whether they remember it or not.

 Emma Birthday 049

Thank you to Emma’s mother, my favorite mother. Thank you to my own mom, my second favorite mother. Thank you to all the mom’s who ensure that every one has a 1st Birthday, you may or may not receive the recognition you deserve for that first birthday party but know that it is important and someone does appreciate it whether they say so or not.


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