Potty Training

Posted on June 10, 2010


So we finally have Izzy out of diapers! It was a battle but she has finally got it.

In discussing our attack plan, my wife and I had several different ideas. My first suggestion of her handling it and me providing support was immediately dismissed. My second suggestion, well not really suggestion it was more me taking the initiative, was to head over to Wall-Mart and pick up anything “Dora The Explorer” that was under $5 and set up a bribe system. I emptied the top towel rack over the toilet and set up an awe-inspiring display of Dora stickers, figurines, videos and coloring books. I walked our three-year-old into the bathroom confident that my approach would work and showed her the plethora of items available if she would, “put pee pee in the potty”. Some weeks later I decided that she had my stubbornness when not a single item on the rack had been claimed.

Defeated, my wife and I discussed the possibility that she may not be ready. My wife packed up the bribes and stuffed them in a closet for future use and we bought a new pack of diapers.toilet-sit We waited patiently for about two weeks when one day Mom and Izzy came screaming into my office announcing “I did it Daddy! I put pee pee in the potty” I gave her a high-five and told her how proud I was of her. Slowly but surely she became proficient at “putting pee pee in the potty”, a few accidents (spots on the rug), a few nap time and bedtime mishaps but she had it. The only problem now was that she wouldn’t “go stinky” on the potty. We watched her like a hawk trying to catch her and finally after about four days and me telling mom that we may need to take her into the doctor because she’s either holding it or she’s really constipated, she finally tricked mom and figured out that big girl ‘chonies’ don’t hold up like diapers.

It didn’t take but a few days before once again the screaming, cheering potty patrol came into my office to inform me that she had “put stinkys in the potty”. Again high-fives and lots of praise.

For about 3 weeks now we’ve been cheering and making a huge deal every time Izzy successfully goes potty. High fives, “good jobs”, and stickers or suckers as a reward. Today I failed to lock the door when I went into the bathroom and Izzy followed me in. I immediately started to yell for her to “get out! Daddy is building a rocket!”. She retreated out of the bathroom but stayed at the ajar door;

“Daddy are you going stinky?”

“Yes! Close the door!”

“Can I watch?”

“No! Close the door!”

“Why not?”

“Daughters don’t get to watch Daddies go stinky, now CLOSE THE DOOR!”

“Can I watch Mommy?”




“I heard you go stinky! Good Job!”

“Yes, thank you, NOW CLOSE THE DOOR!”

“But you need a high-five!”



“What Izzy?, What!”

“Do you get a sucker?”

“Yes I get a sucker, will you close the door and go get me a sucker?”

“OK Daddy, ……….Daddy?”


“You did a good job putting stinkys in the potty, I’m proud of you Daddy.”

Encouragement can go a little to far I think.

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