Back under the Big Sky

Posted on September 6, 2011


It’s been a long time since I’ve been relaxed, not felt hostile, enough to write on my blog anyways… Why? I packed up the family and we moved back to my home state, Montana.

We moved for work and other things, but mostly because I needed to get home. Someplace that caters to my personality. I love being outdoors, mostly fishing, sometimes hunting and now watching my daughters learning to explore the space that isn’t in front of the television. I’ve seen my daughters “happy” before but never have I seen them so full of joy as they are when they get to escape the confines of concrete, pools and busy streets. I was really worried about moving and the effect that it would have on them as they moved from the only home they have ever known. I now know that was an unfounded fear.

When I was growing up, we were outside, ALL the time. There were rules; my mother told us that she would like to see my brother and I at least once a week during the summers. We were turned loose on the great outdoor of Montana and we took every advantage. Fishing in all the best places, “camping” in the cabin by the creek, hunting, shooting, playing but mostly learning. We learned to deal with things that came up, there was no running to the next room or back in from the front yard if we got hurt, had to accomplish a task , figure out how to get something done. We grew up without any confinement, or technology to help keep us busy. We figured out stuff to do. Most of the time is was good, sometimes we did things that may have been questionable… (You can’t put burning tractor tires out by rolling them into the creek) We traveled miles and miles of trails, fields, mountains and sometimes roads of The Big Sky country. By foot, horse, bike, snowmobile, skies, sled, tractor and sometimes “other” again, questionable, contraptions.

I watch my daughters play, figure out how to entertain themselves, explore but mostly learn. They aren’t old enough to get beyond the sight of the house but they are getting bolder. I love that they are starting to get a taste of how “we” grew up. They still run to me when they scrape their knees but only if they catch me watching, otherwise I’ve seen them brush it off and go on chasing the grasshopper they were after. Izzy has mastered her tricycle and we are going to start working on her bike she needs just a few more inches, she can’t quite push her pedals all the way around with enough force to propel down the “gravel” road. Emma has figured out that her electric four-wheeler is about the best way to get around the yard. Both of them are spending less and less time in shoes and prefer to run the lawn and surrounding field in bare feet, no matter how many times I tell them to go put some shoes on. The sight of the deer grazing in the field or walking by the swing set has become less exciting and now they barely acknowledge them anymore unless it to say “Daddy the deer are over there”.

Welcome home baby girls!

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