A little about me.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that the last ‘about me’ page was sorely lacking in any type of decent information. I know you may find this hard to believe but I find it relatively difficult to toot my own horn when writing specifically about myself.

Here’s a little background, I grew up in Babb, MT about 12 min from the Canadian border and over an scan0391hour away from the nearest “Mall”. In the winter time even further. In fact I attended school in Cardston, Alberta and you can thank the Canadian school system for my non-liberal education. I am the oldest of 3 siblings, two little brothers and one little sister. I am clearly the best looking and smartest of all four of us and doubt that any of them will ever read this so that’s a relatively safe statement to make here. We grew up in the country, our nearest neighbor miles away from us. That meant I knew how toscan0132 ride anything with two wheel or four legs, catch, clean and cook anything that swam  and grew up learning common sense. We had dogs, pigeons, bees, guns, motorcycles, snowmobiles, chickens, a garden and lots of room to run. Our summers were spent outside and away from the house, usually hunting gophers, fishing, camping or getting into trouble. The winters were spent outside splitting wood, shoveling snow, and building snow forts. I played one sport while going to school and that was hockey. The only sport I still have a passion for. I may have to blog one day about why we never played any school sponsored sports like baseball or football.

I spent a little time in California before joining the Army. I spent time in Georgia assigned to 3rd Ranger Batt, Germany assigned to 5th Corps LRRS, and then back  stateside for stints again in Georgia and ending my almost 10 year career in Washington at Ft. Lewis. I willTeam 1-6 Eco 51st rarely write about any military issues unless I’m responding directly to a question because I have two personal rules. First I don’t talk “shop” with civilians because they usually respond one of two ways, by gushing Class athank you’s and well done’s making me extremely uncomfortable. Or like my littlest brother, with just the  opposite, how I didn’t do anything of consequence and I need to prove something to them about how great my career was because every one knows a Green Beret or a Ranger and wants the chance to brag about their friends career in relation to mine. The second rule is, even if you are military, unless you’ve eaten the dirt in the same places as me or were in one of my units , I probably still won’t swap stories with you. I can guarantee I won’t swap stories with you if you weren’t infantry. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the military, I was good at it and it molded me into the person I am today. I’m proud of my service I just have a hard time with others being proud of me for it.


I got out of the Army and met my current wife a year later. We dated for I think 4 years before she finally forced me to marry her. (I’m just kidding honey) We have two cute little girls one is two years old and the other is almost a year old. My oldest daughter is 11 and lives with her mother in Georgia, but make frequent visits to my ’thoughts’ daily. I get all of my inspiration from them and they brighten every day for me. I think my favorite thing in the whole world is being a dad. I get to shape and teach little minds and contribute to the world the next great generation of Looneys’.

n834045396_2406046_1688So what to expect from my blog here? Well probably just about anything, I love to write about my family, politics and anything tech related. Sometimes I’m inspired and sometime I just want to rant, so you never know what flavor your going to get. Please enjoy my “thoughts” hopefully I can prove that the title of my blog is merely ‘name’ related and has nothing to do with content of those “thoughts”. Thanks for taking the time to read what I write and I look forward  to your feedback and comments.

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  1. Love reading your blogs. Mostly I will just lurk!


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