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Ohh my God, He’s got a gun!

June 15, 2010


For the past two months I’ve been carrying more and more with my open carry holster. Where I used to carry my handgun concealed all the time or even break my own rules about carrying constantly, I would leave my gun in the lock box in my vehicle if I was going into a store […]

Momma’s got a gun in her purse…

May 23, 2010


So during the past 5 month or so I’ve begun to become increasingly active in my “conservative” community. Seeking out and helping with the local Tea Party, giving classes to people on Social Media, attending rallies and political candidate events and basically supporting or volunteering for anything that I feel supports my political and personal […]

Politics of fear…

March 30, 2010


So this week there’s been a lot of media coverage about the violence that the recent health-care vote has caused. It’s easy to see that this is merely an attempt by liberal media and left wing bloggers to discredit the Tea Party movement by portraying them as “extremists”. It doesn’t take an entire blog to […]

apples and oranges…

March 25, 2010


"Where is the government takeover here? Please tell me how this bill — fundamentally a market-based approach — is exercising "control over [our] lives." Give me a single example. And before you say, "the individual mandate," I will remind you that we already have individual mandates to buy insurance: exhibit A, car insurance, and exhibit […]

How dare you comment on my comment…

March 22, 2010


Social media is lost on some people, they think that all of their friends want to know things like; I’m heading to the store, I just woke up and am reading my Facebook status’, I’m going to bed now. They are the ones that are absolutely surprised when if they post a thought or opinion […]

Wake up call…

March 22, 2010


One of my favorite things to do to my troopies when we were out on field problems, was to wake everyone up about an hour before “first call” and say “hey just so you guys know, first call is in one hour. You can go back to bed now, see you in an hour.” I […]

anonymous patriotism

March 15, 2010


You know what really pisses me off? Anonymous patriotism! Have you noticed that the loudest voices are always those that are the most extreme, be it from the right or from the left. There very few “normal”, middle of the road people who will stand up and voice their disapproval or approval at the direction […]